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About Opt2Web


We are a small company with a big vision and we love what we do. In our eyes there is art in everything and websites are no exception. We want to dig deep to reach into the heart of each entrepreneur. All businesses start with an idea, a concept to revolutionize the industry. We want your website to portray your business idea, the reason you opened your doors in the most visual way possible. Then we add in all the gadgets, carts, players, databases and so on that become an intricate part of your expansion. However, we never let the fun stuff fall to the wayside. We truly appreciate your business and enjoy the one on one relationships we have with our clients. You will meet us, we will become real people that you can speak to and reach out to on a daily basis. We are not in another country or a mirage of a real creative partner, we want your website business and the only way we feel we can get it is if we offer tangible goods and services.

Ultimately, we truly love this business and hold our clients and relationships very close to our hearts.  Opt2Web is a labor of love and we take great pride and indulgence in offering quality work with the experience to follow.

A good relationship is priceless because the best business comes from a referral.  There’s no better advertisement then a walking, talking billboard. We want to thank all of our former and future clients for their support and awesome recommendations.

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Meet your team
He specializes in integrated media, combining art, music, e-commerce, database expansion and online marketing to maximize client's online efforts. In a few words; he is an amazing artist and an even better web designer.
Business is her passion. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's in Business/Marketing and a minor in Music Business and went on to work in the music industry as a radio exec and talent rep.
Scott's high level talent translates into many different forms of art; his two specialties include web design and now videography.
Veronica is one of the creative masterminds at Opt2Web. Her specialties include print design and web layout and graphics.
Opt2web is extremely fortunate to have such a talented and mindful individual who has a passion about perfection in their work ethics.
One of those marketing machines, always looking to brand your company's name on the right piece of promotional material. His ideas are successful and his assistance is priceless.
Hani is a Computer Science genius, with the ability to pick things up at warp speed. He can work a website's functionality to its extreme.
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