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fill out forms review and brainstorm meeting develop options review and confirm establish timeline deposite and agreement design concepts approve production copy and content search engine optimization progress review site completion final payment

So let’s get started…

but before we do, here's a little

advice from us
  • Have an idea of the direction and flow of your website.
  • Have a budget in mind.
  • Have a deadline prepared that is feasible and you are comfortable with.
  • Have a good time with it, this is an exciting project that should be fun to work on.

More Things to Consider When Starting Your Website...

It would be helpful if you already had several sites prepared for us to review for ideas of web elements you like on other sites. For example; you love the layout of ABC Company's merchandise pages or XYZ Corp's flash animation.

Please visit our Request A Quote page and fill out the information as thoroughly as possible. This form gives us a better look into what concepts and expectations you have in mind.

Start a Domain Name search:


Once our work is confirmed and final payment is received, your site will go live!
Once all pages have been reviewed and the site is completed, you can view the final project on
Opt2Web works hand-in-hand with our clients. We will provide you with site progress along the way for your review.
At this point we will begin SEO (search engine optimization) within the site through key words and imaging.
Once we have obtained your copy and content, we can move into conceptualizing image designs.
Opt2Web will begin on production at this point. Setting up Progress Reviews according to the timeline.
Once a design concept is approved Opt2Web initiates production on your new site.
Your Creative Team will present several design ideas to really help visualize the direction of the project.
Opt2Web will present a timeline and contractual agreement. 50% deposit is due at signing.
We will create a specific timeline for the project. This outlines every step and deadline for each stage of the project.
Opt2Web will propose different options and send it to the client. The client will review and agree upon one option.
Your Creative Team will develop several options for you. We like to give our clients flexibility and versatility. This includes a detailed wire frame. Click here to review a sample wire frame.
In our first meeting we will discuss both creative and functional objectives. We'll review different websites in your industry as well as sites that you, as a viewer, generally like.
Review and Brainstorm: Opt2Web will review your responses and contact you to schedule our first meeting. We will come prepared with ideas from the CNA and Creative Questionnaire.
These forms will speed up the process and only take a few seconds to complete. This gives us a better idea of what concepts our clients have in mind. CLICK NOW!