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Referral Program

Thank you for your potential business.

We understand our previous clients are our best advertisement.  If you know of a company or individual looking to create or redo their website we thank you for thinking of us.  For every client you refer we will enter that into our systems as a referral and it will be awarded a certain amount of referral points.

For clients with a 10K or higher online project we offer a ‘Finder’s Fee’ of 10% of the total project. (No points awarded, percentage based incentive)

For clients with a 9999K or less online project we offer a ‘Finder’s Fee’ of 5% of the total project. (No points awarded, percentage based incentive)

For clients with smaller online needs we offer a ‘Referral Points’ system. For every logo, graphic, flyer etc, we assign 5 points to the referring individual (no meeting required).Once you have obtained 50 points you will receive a $100 dollar AMEX Card from Arts Board Match

*Stipulations – The individual referring Arts Board Match must assist in booking the first appointment with client and contract must be signed along with down payment to be eligible.

Referring individual will receive funds once the project is completed and all monies have been collected.

Yes, this goes for our friends, family, twice removed third cousins on our mother’s side etc.  You bring us business and we will reward you!

Be a good friend, send this out.

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our latest creation
Features: This is a simple site that was originally a digital business card with flash application that auto played. David had the ability to burn his music onto a disc through the website.