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Time to Template

Jenn Kovacs - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More and more these days we are getting requests for projects with a quick turnaround time and unrealistic budget.  These circumstances are less than ideal to speak graciously.  However, we here at Opt2Web feel some web presence is better than no web presence.  So, if you are on a tighter budget these days, which many companies are, we would encourage you to consider one of our premade templates.  Templates are not the route creative people, marketers and advertisers would prefer to take but in these times you have to cater to the market.  So, I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss the importance of prioritizing your online checklist.  What is vital, timeframe? Budget? Customization? Control?  When you work with a template it can often times cut both your budget and your timeframe in half.  As far as design customization, you are limited.  The most inconvenient thing about a template is it only allows you so much creative control.  If you’re not looking to have control over your website and really want a basic design, a template can be an option.  

As a Design Company it pains me to offer something prefabricated but it’s more beneficial for you to start generating some sort of web presence, especially now.  Time is of the essence and as traditional forms of media continue to take a hit, and more advertisers move marketing dollars to the web, competition grows increasingly fierce.  If you are not online you are at a disadvantage.  So, what’s important to remember when building any site, whether its custom or template? Be sure you have all your pages created and displayed properly.  Prioritize the workflow of your online story.  Also make sure your content is not too dense and is billeted as well as broken up enough with Titles and Headings to make it easier for people to read.  With a template you should be able to add your own pictures, verbiage and pick out some type of color scheme.  Another thing that is important is to remember is keep all your credentials.  Store important user name and password information somewhere safe so that you will always be able to access the back end without a problem.  A disadvantage of the traditional template is the lack of or absence of any customer service.  You don’t have the luxury of picking up the phone and speaking with a real person.  You’re left on your own accord to find out how to manipulate your website.   As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

In closing, templates are a stepping stone if you are working around restrictive parameters.  However, if you can establish yourself online with a good domain and some sort of website it will do that much more for you when you are ready to really invest in your web-being.  Our advice is to do your research, decide on the best option for your business and your ultimate online goal.

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