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Better Get Pinning

Jenn Kovacs - Friday, February 01, 2013

A new player has entered the Social Media landscape ladies and gentlemen and her name is Pinterest.  Yes I called it a her, mostly because women use it for shopping and creative ideas.  Pinterest is one of the fastest growing forms of online publicity, especially for anyone who’s sales position revolves around a visual.  Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. – Pinterest.com

Viewers can search Boards, search Friends, follow famous designers etc.  If you are in retail you must be on Pinterest.  If you a craftsman or craftswoman, you must be on Pinterest.  If a good photo can sell your product/service, you must be on Pinterest.  Am I getting my point across?  Here’s a quick and easy assignment for you, ready? Go to Pinterest.com (if you have never been on it) and search something…anything.  You will be shocked and impressed by what you find.  Tons of people created boards and “pin” to topics you may search.

Once you create an account, which takes no time at all, with the click of a button you can “Like” or “Pin” a picture to a Board, allowing it to be forever saved on your Pinterest account, well until you delete.  From Pinterest you can email, share or tweet your ‘Pin.’  Interior Designers, Wedding and Event Coordinators, you could build your business around Pinterest

As a soon to be bride I have found almost every idea for the wedding on Pinterest.  From invites to favors, hairstyles, dresses, jewelry, you name it they got.  If you are familiar with Etsy (Etsy.com)  it’s the same premise.  You can contact the maker or manufacturer directly from their Post.  The idea is to offer unique ideas to people searching for suggestions.  You want to post anything and everything that you have a good picture of that is for sale.  The visual is everything, and PLEASE don’t Post a bad picture, that’s just not good business practice. 

You can even promote your website with a direct link.  It’s important to tag the right words and there is a tiny bit of education that comes along with it but just like all other Social Media outlets, it is free to use and can be an enormous selling point when used correctly and actively.  So get online, create your Pinterest account and start searching. 

Another great feature of Pinterest is your friends can create ‘Boards’ that you can join.  For example, my aunt and maid of honor created a board for my wedding in which they pinned a bunch of ideas.  I was then able to log on, join the Board and add to it myself.  It is just another way to stay connected when you are not together.  Pinterest may not seem like something pressing to get involved with at the moment, but I have a feeling that’s the same attitude a lot of people had about Facebook.

So don’t wait, someone could be ’Pinning’ you now. 

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