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Consistency is Key

Jenn Kovacs - Friday, July 13, 2012

Being in business I can almost guarantee that you get calls, maybe even on a daily basis, from solicitors promising to get you on the first page of Google.  Merchants beware; many of these people (notice the exclusion of the word “companies”) are out to make a quick buck.  There are plenty of companies locally that offer these services that you can meet face to face and legitimately review their client portfolio.  Regardless let’s not put the carriage before the horse.  In this article I want to give you some few key pointers that will help your online searches.  The first thing is your company name.  Are you an LLC, Inc., Corp etc?

Now, what is your mailing address and phone number?  The reason I ask these questions is because it is actually very important to the search engines that the basic information is consistent.  If you show ABC Company Inc., it should be displayed that exact way in everything you do.  So when you’re registering for Directories, Maps, Listings and review sites the littlest thing like not having the Inc., the wrong phone number, even showing (954)555-5555 as opposed 954.555.5555 can work against you. 

In regards to Social Media, eliminate or consolidate multiple pages you may have on Facebook.  A lot of times a company will have set up multiple pages unknowingly.  You want to make sure that you have one Facebook Fan page getting traffic and being updated DAILY.  That’s right readers, on a daily basis.  More and more Social Media is becoming a key component in any marketing campaign.  And with Facebook going public, it is only going to become a bigger and bigger animal in the advertising space.  Go into your page to confirm the profile information is up to date and again consistent with every other site you are on.

With email addresses, assign one point of contact on the web.  So if on your contact page the email is info@abccompanyinc.com don’t confuse customers as well as your staff by also putting abccompany@gmail.com online because you are creating a situation where a lead can get lost.  Assign someone in your office to answering online leads and make sure they are attentive.  A web lead should be answered within 24 hours.  Usually a lead coming from the web is a pre-qualified, HOT lead.  If you consider the instant result the worldwide web provides, also consider the consumers’ expectations.  If I can find them this quickly, I should get a response from them this quickly.  Correct.

Conceptually the internet now has all the answers and information people need at their fingertips.  It’s an instant response to a question or inquiry, “reputable plumbers in Lighthouse Point?” “Italian Restaurant in Pompano Beach.”  The person on the other side of that computer wants answers.  Your company can become an authoritative resource whether it’s the information on your site, a review or a map on how to find the ‘nearest location.’  This is why your contact information is so important. 

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