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Do People Really Read Those Things?

Jenn Kovacs - Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The other day I was at a networking event and someone asked the group if they read her company newsletter.  Quickly another attendant replied, “I never read those things, no one ever does.”  Well, I beg to differ.  Yes we get inundated with spam emails and monthly promotions from every company that has ever picked up our business card.  Regardless, think about the one time you do read something you find interesting or open a promotion email to find a great discount on a service/product you are in need of.  Once an article or author catches your attention, you’re likely to look through the next publication you receive from them.

I know email blasts are a bit of a different animal because they are pushed through to our private email account that gets bombarded with a million correspondents and junk from hundreds of vendors that leave us wondering, “How did they even get my email?”  I think sometimes we feel it’s an invasion of privacy, other times we’re just frustrated we got put on another email list but most of the time our fingers are tired of hitting the delete button.  The ironic part of it all, we usually are the ones ‘subscribing’ for these lists without even considering the repercussions.  Reading. 

I can tell you that these types of subscriptions are highly addictive if their content is kept short, sweet and chock full of important information.  Don’t send an E-Blast out just to send it.  This type of marketing should be done at the least on a quarterly basis, at the most a monthly basis.  Highlight the key points and don’t add more content than needed.  Give your audience enough to open the following E-Blast (Manta does a great job of this).  Is it likely you’ll have some unsubscribed notifications, absolutely?  Will most people dismiss it because they don’t have the time to read it, possibly?  However, if you commit to creating a compelling marketing piece that offers insight and tips for those people seeking them at the right time, and it’s plastered on their computer screen; well you just may have found yourself a dedicated reader. 

Always put your contact information, a link to your website and a timeline on when they should receive the next.  Be strategic in your titling the letter and monitor your reports.  Any third party service like iContact or Constant Contact offers such analytics.   Graphics are never a bad idea, since most people would prefer to look at a picture then read a paragraph.  Try to keep things exciting.  Steer clear of industry jargon and don’t be afraid to talk to your audience as if they know nothing.  People don’t want to feel stupid.  If something seems overcomplicated you can be pretty sure it will result in being uninteresting.  There’s a fine balance.  Regardless, these things have a 30% of being effective and a 70% of being deleted, but out of that small percentage can result a qualified client. 

Email Marketing can work!

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