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Has Your Business Gained Online Exposure

Jenn Kovacs - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The internet has changed the face of media and the way we market ourselves.  Sales strategies include new variables like; keywords, backlinking, social media and blogging.  If you're not on board you may be in trouble, accept the shift and start exploring the World Wide Web. It is so effective and can be so inexpensive.  Using resources like Google Adwords or Facebook allows advertisers to target certain audiences by; age, geographic location, interests and other pertinent demographics all while staying in control of the budget.

With Search Engine Marketing it’s all about KEYWORDS.  What are your clients or prospects typing in the search when they are in need of your business?  Are those keywords prevalent on your site?  For example, if I’m a dentist specializing in family dentistry I have to program my site to include words like; family dental care, children’s dentist, local family dentist office, children’s cleaning, pediatric dentistry etc.  Those words or phrases need to be positioned in priority across my Homepage.  Search Engines find your site by 2 different positions; organic and paid.  Organic searches come from having the right type of content and keywords, tons of traffic to your site as well as history and relevance. 

Paid positions are just that, paid for…enter PPC (Pay per Click).  In this case it is a supply and demand scenario in which you are bidding for front page position and it all revolves around the price point, which the Search Engines dictate.  (Please see the colored box at the top of your search that reads Ads, and the side panel of your search that also reads Ads).  Social Media marketing is much more targeted.  As a dentist I can choose to target moms, with HH Income 50+, with 2 or more children, living in Lighthouse Point and interested in family activities.  It’s an easy enough concept that unfortunately changes on a daily basis.  As new advertisers enter the category and competition increases, it becomes more and more important to maintain your campaign.  In addition to the growing popularity of this form of marketing, the Search Engines are constantly changing their platforms and focus. 

The good news is there are so many resources out there that if you really want to learn how to thrive in an online marketing atmosphere you can.  If you are uncertain or have never really pursued online interest now is the optimal time.  You should be utilizing your website as a tool and not just a presence.  Keeping relevant information updated, promoted exclusive online incentives, interacting with viewers and responding to online inquiries will drive traffic, which in result will drive business.  Right now your competitor is coming up when someone searches your business category.  Are you prepared to lose a client because you haven’t done your online diligence? Your website is your 24 hour communication tool to the world, use it! 

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