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If Your Website Was An Employee Would You Fire It?

Kevin Garcia - Monday, April 09, 2012

I don’t have to tell you your website is important.  Online competition and marketing is now the most competitive field in the professional industry and there is a reason for that.  Customers are online all the time, searching and browsing for your products and services.  So why have you put off the importance of how your website looks and feels?  Could your website actually be jeopardizing potential business opportunities because it’s outdated, unprofessional or lacking key information?  I pose these questions because many people we talk to just believe by merely having something online they have done their due diligence.  It could not be more untrue.

It’s all about engagement.  If you’re website is not exciting, informative, relevant and presentable you are losing business to your competitors.  Meaning, if someone is searching for you, it’s guaranteed they are searching for your competitors.  More and more, webmasters are hired to manage content on websites.  In order to keep your site in the searches there needs to be fresh information on it at all times.  In order to access a site easily your web team needs to implement some sort of CMS – Content Management System.  With a CMS, you have the ability to log into the back end of your website and make updates in real time.  Simple adjustments such as; fresh content, picture updates, adding a news and events or Blog can make a huge difference.  You need to be the source of information for your industry.

Just like an employee, your website is a constant representation of your business, selling, promoting and advertising your services.  And just like you would monitor the sales forecast and return on an employee, you should be keeping a keen eye on your web stats.  There a number of free reporting services to help you do this; Google Analytics, StatCounter, WebSTAT.  This will give you an enormous amount of perspective on what is working for you and what’s not.  These numbers don’t lie.  Many times we see clients who are spending money on marketing vehicles that aren’t producing a return because they are not reviewing the reports.  It’s as if you hired an employee, they leave for the day and there is no accountability for what they’ve done or their productivity level throughout the work day. 

Now is the time to make a name for yourself online.  People are moving into your online ad space on a daily basis.  This makes it harder and harder for you to gain rankings on Google.  The search engines look at history, fresh relevant content, targeted keywords prominently displayed on your website and other sites referencing your online popularity.  If you are not focusing on your web presence now you will have to spend a lot more time and money later to build a competitive reputation.  If your company is suffering or could use more business, fire your stale, boring, antiquated website that is not doing anything for you and hire a new one that will actually produce revenue. 

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