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iPad Tips from Business Class at Apple

Jenn Kovacs - Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This morning Opt2Web attended an 8am class at the Galleria Mall for Business Tips on using the iPad/iPad2. Technology can truly be an asset in expanding your business. However, the flip side is if you don't know how to use it correctly, it can become just another piece of equipment that will soon be considered out dated. The apps (applications we learned about in this class can definitely make working on the road much easier. It was very interesting but very early, so here is what you missed. 

1.  You can save and open PDF's in iBooks 

2.  Skyfire is the recommended App for viewing Flash on your iPad (although it received mixed reviews).  However, the business consultant advised us that Flash is not guaranteed to work properly on any mobile device, even the new PlayBook by Blackberry

3.  iCloud comes out this Fall!!!

4.  iOS5 (the iPad operating system) comes out this Fall. 

5.  iOS5 will eventually make MobileMe basically obsolete by June 2012.

6.  Soon iPad's, iPhone's and the iTouch will have a Notification Center so any work you are doing will not get interrupted by incoming messages, updates, etc.  It will be a window you can slide down in the middle of your screen to receive any new activity. 

7.  Reminders is a location based feature coming out that will remind you of notes you made based on your location.  For Example; If you enter pick up Milk at Publix, when you walk into Publix your reminder will automatically come up on your mobile device.

8.  In June of 2010, Apple will no longer be hosting sites on MobileMe.  Me.com will still host emails but not websites with the arrival of iOS5.

9.  The Galleria Apple Store is looking to host weekly classes from 8am-9am every Wednesday.

10. One of the coolest features of the new operating system is iMessage. iMessage will function very similarly to Blackberry Messenger, so that users of Apple mobile devices on the Apple Network will be able to instant message each other at no cost via they're devices.  

 For local businesses Apple launched OnForce Services recently, to help you find an Apple expert in your area to work on software, servers and repairs.

Keep up to date with Apple announcements and these local Ft. Lauderdale training seminars at http://www.apple.com/retail/thegalleria/

Recommended Apps for Business:

- Dragon Dictation - for talk to test or email.

- iAnnotate PD - for reading, annotating, organizing and sending DPF Files. Make adjustments and get signatures on PDF's from your iPad.

- Documents to Go - for support of Microsoft® Word, Excel & PowerPoint, PDF, Apple iWork and other files and attachments.

- Quick Office Pro for Creating, Editing, Accessing & Sharing Microsoft® Office files.

- Keynote - for creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping.

P.S. People at the Apple Store have no idea if and when the new iPad3 is coming out. Sorry.  

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