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Onsite and Offsite Optimization

Jenn Kovacs - Friday, June 03, 2011

Everyone is talking about optimization.  So, where do you start?  Firstly you should have a professional review your website.  If your website is not programmed correctly and is not ‘Search Engine Friendly’ you will be building on a poor foundation.  It is important to make sure you have the right keywords, Meta data, headings, page titles and image descriptions.  Again, don’t try this at home, consult a professional.  Once your website is fully optimized you can explore doing things to continue to grow your ranking.  Many people like to include some type of animation on their site, whether it’s a scroller, images fading on the Homepage, certain lighting effects, etc.  Often times this animation is built in Flash.  The Search Engines cannot read Flash files, hence the big blocks that show up on your screen when you are viewing the site on some mobile device.  These days there are means of working around keeping the animation “wow factor” and building a search engine friendly site for multi browser platforms Blogging, adding elements like News and Events with relevant information, incorporating Social Media and an engaging inquiry form is always helpful.  Stick to the ABU Philosophy – Always Be Updating.  The more recent, relevant content on your site, the more “popular” you are online.  Add fresh content as much as possible, given its site worthy.  Tips for Building Traffic

 •         Offer an Online Incentive

 •         Create a Call to Action Inquiry Form to Generate Leads

 •         Incorporate all your Social Media Connections 

•         Make certain all the important copy on your website is Highlightable Content  

 Offsite Optimization There are so many outside means to get online attention.  The search engines regard certain sites more highly then others.  Sites like the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, The New York Times, MSNBC, etc receive enough visitors looking for up to date information that Google sees them as a “good online source.”  So advertising on these sites will help build your credibility.  Most websites now offer real estate that they allocate specifically for advertising.  You can purchase these spaces based on frequency or cost per click.  Obviously, the more traffic the site receives the more expensive the ad space.  In Addition there are hundreds of directories you can register your business with.  These online guides list companies by industry so viewers can easily find valuable references for the information they are searching for.  Some of these directories are free; some are in expensive and others a bit of a rip off.  Try to do your research or meet with a consultant before you decide which resources to use.    Sites to Utilize: 

•         Advertise Employment Opportunities on Craig’s List

 •         Register with the Better Business Bureau and invest in the Online Listing

 •         Use Backpage 

 Don’t forget to monitor what’s actually working for you and adjust accordingly. 

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