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QR Codes

Kevin Garcia - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Certainly you’ve seen them on email signatures, stickers, business cards even billboards.  They almost look like a bar code, and in many ways functions like one. QR Codes are the latest trend in Social Media, and of course they’re free.  The main difference between a barcode and a QR Code is the amount of information they hold.  QR Codes can be easily downloaded and customized.  These tiny squares make relevant information easily accessible.  Basically you download an App that allows you to scan the code with your iPhone or Android mobile phone.  Hold your phone or iPad over the QR Code, snap a picture and instantly the information embedded in the QR Code is downloaded into your device.

QR Codes are often used to send people to a specific link or landing page online.  Meaning you scan the code and the information embedded brings up a website or webpage specifically correlated to the QR Code.  For example, we use our QR Code on the Opt2Web business card to send people to our Google Places to find our location and write a review.  Some of our business associates have their business contact info uploaded onto their QR Code.  This way the information encoded gets transferred into the receivers Outlook as a V-Card.  Here’s how to create your own QR Code.

Go online and search QR Code Generator (you can use qrcode.kaywa.com, qrstuff.com, customqrcodes.com), then select if you want to encode a URL (your website address), text, phone number or SMS.  A text or SMS (picture text) will send a message to the viewers’ phone.  What’s most important, for people to have your contact information, website, or a simple message?  Once you have decided on where to direct people and input your message hit Generate.  It will create your very own QR Code that you can download and use in multiple formats.  I would suggest putting it in your signature, maybe on your business card, blogs and any advertisement you create.  Try to scan the QR Code below:

Tip:  The more information you include the longer it takes to take the scan with your phone so don’t overwhelm people with too much.  You want it to be quick and easy to access.  You should test your scan before applying it anywhere.

Another idea would be to send the code to a specific offer or webpage that seems exclusive to those who scan it.  This would be perfect for a retail store or gallery looking to send people an exclusive sale incentive or information about an event that allows people to RSVP online.  It’s interactive, interesting and forces people to stop what they’re doing and take notice to a new form of advertising.

I guarantee you will see more and more of these images popping up on different articles of business.  It’s another free tool to add to your bag of tricks so take advantage.  If nothing else, you’ll seem to be keeping up with the latest social trend in online technology. Scan away! 

Tip: For iPhone users, recently released...


Vanity QR Codes commented on 02-Oct-2011 10:24 PM
We have an excellent tool you can use to overlay custom text on top of your QR code! Check it out at http://vanity-qrcode.com

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