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Tales from a 20 Yr. Old – Browsing Habits of a New Generation

Jenn Kovacs - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diana is a senior graduating from college and entering into a prestigious law program, studying intellectual property.  As a young person who is constantly online I thought it would be interesting to discuss some of her online habits to build awareness about the importance of establishing your business online and targeting the next generation of consumers.                                 

  1. Q.  What are the top five sites you visit the most? What do you use them for?  
  2. A.  Facebook, Twitter, Hypem, Lookbook.nu, Stumbleupon.

Facebook – Look at pictures, chat with friends and search for people I meet.

Twitter – News and Products.  I always look at the New York Times Feed, Women’s Health Mag, and Artizia because they notify their followers of sales.

Hypem – Music, it’s a Blog about new songs.  I find a lot of my new music from there before I download it off iTunes. www.hypem.com

Lookbook.nu – People post pictures of themselves and tag their outfits so if you like the look you know where to get it out.  It’s also people all over the world so you can see what kind of fashion people are wearing in places like Europe.  www.lookbook.nu

StumbleUpon I like to type in a keyword and just search anything about it.  For example, say I’m interested in looking at Interior Design.  I look it up in the search and hit stumble.  It pulls from any website that has been submitted to StumbleUpon that might be of some interest.  Each website you go to, you can hit ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ so it narrows them down even more. www.stumbleupon.com

Q.  How many Blogs do you read on a weekly basis?  

A.  It depends.  I get a lot of my Blogs from Twitter.  If someone ‘Retweets’ something I like, I’ll check out the Blog and read the article.  Or if a magazine I follow tweets an interesting article I’ll read it.

Q.  Have you learned anything really helpful about Social Media in your business classes? 

A.  I learned about Foursquare, how if you check in enough you can get discounts.

Q.  What do you think about people who are resistant to getting on Social Media and Blogging about their business?  

A.  I think they’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and discovering new information that’s easily accessible.  Everything is linked to Social Media.  Any website you visit your Social Media tracks it.  From your viewing history, Facebook tracks can push relatable advertisements to your account.

Comments:  Social Media is our way of connecting now.  I get my news from Blog and reading the Wall Street Journal online. It’s so easy to get all the information you need from websites like Twitter.  I can basically browse hundreds of sites at one time.  

As I interview her, Diana is looking up movie reviews.  She is browsing Google just to see if it’s worth buying a ticket.  The reviews are not favorable. 

 Do you look at a lot of reviews online? Yeah, I usually Google it before I go.  

What have we learned? Internet = Influence.

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