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We Will Not Tolerate Cyber Bullying

Jenn Kovacs - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A letter to our bully. Set an example. Take a stand against cyber bullying.


I am sorry you feel the need to act and create such a condition with myself and our company.  What saddens me most is that I believed we were friends. I don’t know where you are or what your situation is now that you feel the need to attack me, my business, our Church and my beliefs on such a hurtful level after so much time has passed.  The point of the matter is, it was not a good working relationship.  You were working full time and couldn’t be available when we needed you, I couldn’t pay you the salary you were receiving to come over to Opt2Web full time, and I was uncomfortable with some of the things you were doing.  I never accused you of doing anything you didn’t tell me you were doing, in fact, I asked you not to put yourself in a position where you could get in trouble with JM Field.  However, I felt it was a pressing issue for you to become successful with us and all your ventures, and you would do it by any means. 

You know we are a small company and it is so hard for us to focus our energy and time on non-revenue generating projects, even though we feel they are great ideas and could lead to great things.  I would have loved to work with you on things, you know I believe you are brilliant at what you do.  I just couldn’t afford to.  I mean my gosh, half the time I was working 15-17 hour days just to keep the business operating. I tried to explain that to you.

Anyway, if you wish to continue this online war it’s up to you.  I will not retaliate and I will not bash you (even though that’s the opinion of many) because I think you are extremely talented and more deserving than the defamation you have practiced on my name, my company, my beliefs and even more hurtful, my Church.  I don’t have the money to “make you go away” so I’m praying that you will reconsider your decisions.  You were my colleague and my friend, clearly a connection we should have never made.  All we tried to do was help but we just couldn’t, and now you have turned this into ugliness. We have evidence it was you because the name opt2websucks.com is registered to K.C. Guy, joker@kcguy.com.

As I said, I will not attack you as you have attacked me but I am speaking with my lawyer about defamation of character and reviewing cyber bullying laws and regulations as well as speaking with several Broward County Sheriffs about the right procedures to take in case I underestimate your efforts and need to look at the criminal implications behind what you have done.  As someone in your position, who is among a minority group, who advocates so strongly against bullying, I find it shameful what you did on Twitter.  You may not be an advocate for anti-bullying and based off your actions, your stance is very different than most of your peers, but I am completely 100% against bullying.  And that is something I will stand behind and defend.  I pray you reconsider things as I move forward with the legalities.  I would be happy to have a civilized conversation with you.  

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