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What’s In a Name?

Jenn Kovacs - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wondering why you aren’t getting enough traffic to your website?  You have revamped the look and feel; you’re updating it every day and making sure to keep your followers engaged on all the Social Media links. So, what’s missing?  Well is your website easy to find for the grammatically challenged or even those of us that suffer from short term memory issues?  If your domain (that’s the www.yourname.com, often referred to as a URL) is complicated and hard to remember it could be hurting your online business. 

We see this a lot with lawyers who often times use their initials as their domain.  So hypothetically if I were a real estate attorney, I would be www.jmkattorneys.com instead of being something memorable like www.avoidforeclosure.com.  When choosing a domain you have to consider the ease of use; is it easy to remember?  Does it have keywords or a keyword phrase someone would search in it? If you have a domain you love and a website that has been up for years don’t have a panic attack yet.  Domains are cheap and easy to get a hold of using sites like Go Daddy and Network Solutions.  For about $10 you can get yourself a keyword rich URL.  Another alternative is to buy keyword rich URL’s and forward them to your main or “parent” URL.  It’s not the best practice but at least you can secure a few great names and direct those searches somewhere.

Try to get as specific as possible when buying domain names.  And once you find a couple you really feel are page worthy, have your web team create what is called a “Landing Page” or “Splash Page.”  This is a page dedicated to a target demographic, incentivizing them specifically.  So using the same example, if I am a real estate attorney at JMK Attorneys and I bought www.avoidforeclosure.com I would create a Landing Page for just my foreclosure real estate services.  On this Landing Page I would talk about my experience in real estate, maybe my big wins and why you should choose me for your legal real estate needs.  I would offer an incentive, perhaps a free consultation.

Targeted domains and Landing Pages can be a hugely helpful tool in your online kit, and it can be very affordably.  Remember to consider how you search and what keywords people are looking for to find you and incorporate those into your new URL.  Be sure to track the results of your Landing Page by attaching some type of reporting or analytics tool onto the URL.  Another trick of the trade is to put a dedicated line on the site where you can take calls regarding only those services.  Don’t be afraid to try new vehicles to market your business, just do it efficiently and effectively.  There are a number of things you can try that can create a bigger return than expected.  The internet is saturated with resources, what are you going to do to cut through the clutter?  

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