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Kevin Garcia - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There are many reasons why your website is worth investing in.  Consider this; your website is an extension of your sales team.  It is your 24/7 salesperson to your online customers.  What’s the first thing you do when looking for a new restaurant to visit, plumber to hire, a new dentist in your area?  You go online and Google, or Yelp, or Browse.  It is so important that your website is a proper representation of your business.  It should look, feel and portray your company as accurately as possible.  Display pictures of your merchandise, your storefront, and your projects.   Add client testimonials or customer logos to create credibility.   So many times I have visited a place and been extremely impressed with the venue.  Let’s use a recent example of a fitness center in my area.  Inside it was beautiful, updated and fun, almost inspiring.  Sadly, when I went to their website to review their class schedule and check out the availability I was so disappointed in their online image.  It was a template that didn’t incorporate any of the exciting colors or schemes of the gym interior.  The pictures were stock and didn’t depict any of the personal aspects that made the place feel warm and welcoming.  Imagine I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the gym beforehand and my first impression was that of the website, cookie cutter, unimpressive and underwhelming.  I probably would have never made a stop in to check the place out. 

Moreover what if you spent the time and effort to build a great looking website but no one could find it?  In comparison, if you were a hotelier and designed a gorgeous hotel with every amenity imaginable but provided no transportation to get to the island the hotel stands on, what would be the point?  It’s also important to keep your site updated and relevant.  I can relate it to a party venue.  If you are looking to throw an event and pricing out venues, you want the most updated and nice looking space you can afford.  If your website is stall, outdated and irrelevant, who’s going to want to want to do business with your company?  Just as it is important to make sure your website is a good salesperson it ‘s equally as important to make sure it is equipped with the freshest, most recently updated information for the pitch. 

If you are hiring a salesperson there is a salary or commission involved, there is continual overhead and then of course the legwork of gaining a customer base.  With your website, you have a spokesperson that requires minimal compensation, an already interested customer base and a sales pitch that speaks to prospective clients on any day at any time.  Doesn’t that make it worth the investment?  If the first thing consumers do when looking for your service or product is browse the web, what does your online salesperson look like?  Are they up to par and credible enough to solicit your services?  

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