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Staff Picks


Scott N.Web Design/Videography
Scott's high level talent translates into many different forms of art; his two specialties include web design and now videography. He's worked for some of the biggest names in the industry and is always refining his skills to include some of the most amazing, memorable branding imagery. We feel extremely fortunate that we have his seasoned expertise and talent on our team.
Hani A.Web Developer
Hani is a Computer Science genius, with the ability to pick things up at warp speed. He can work a website’s functionality to its extreme. There seems to be no task too large, no site too small that he cannot figure out. He is the problem solver, give him a task and he will execute. Mr. Aljuaid is a prodigy of the online world, and his services are at your fingertips.
Veronica L.Graphic Designer
Veronica is one of the creative masterminds at Opt2Web. Her specialties include print design and web layout and graphics. She is one of those overall creatively blessed individuals with a resume that reads like an artist's dictionary including; web, graphics, photography, custom cake design and animation. She knows how to add the wow factor to any piece of marketing material.
Igor N.Web Developer
Opt2web is extremely fortunate to have such a talented and mindful individual who has a passion about perfection in their work ethics.

Management & Marketing

Jenn KovacsVice President
Business is her passion. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's in Business/Marketing and a minor in Music Business and went on to work in the music industry as a radio exec and talent rep. Jennifer takes pride in maintaining a professional work ethic and keeps best business practices at the forefront of all her ventures. She always uses a consultative approach and believes a 'sale' begins with the relationship, never the price point. Now, she is taking a dive into what she firmly believes to be the future of big business – web design and marketing – and is excited about introducing Opt2Web to one of the most lucrative fields in today's business world.
Kevin A. GarciaPresident
Kevin Garcia's mother threw out 16 pairs of jeans a year while he was growing up, all ruined due to the many paint and ink splatters he'd accumulate over time. An artist by nature and a designer by trade he attended DASH (no it's not a track school) in Miami where he discovered his love for interactive media and later moved on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree at the Art Institute in Ft. Lauderdale. He worked for several large design companies before coming on board with the largest communications corporation in the world, Clear Channel. He specializes in integrated media, combining art, music, e-commerce, database expansion and online marketing to maximize client's online efforts. In a few words; he is an amazing artist and an even better web designer.

Other Creative Services

Dave K.Printer
Dave has been a colleague and friend since the inception of Opt2Web. He offers amazing service and prices at the highest of quality. He can suggest the perfect size, material, format etc for your printed material. He is also one of those marketing machines, always looking to brand your company's name on the right piece of promotional material. His ideas are successful and his assistance is priceless.